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Industrial environments dehumidification

Industrial environments dehumidification The DCSH industrial dehumidifiers, product by Gasparetto Engineering, are direct-expansion stand alone machines. The packaged units provides functions of heating, summer air conditioning and dehumidification. They are suitable for environments that require special conditions of humidity, difficult to achieve with standard machines. The DCSH is used in environments where there is processing […]

Industrial furnaces dehumidification

Industrial furnaces dehumidification The DCEA serie heat-pump industrial dehumidifiers are used for low temperature drying processes. In the food drying context this ensures a better color’s retention and product’s fragrance. The use of heat pump ensures high energy efficiency and the ability to customly configure the oven’s temperature. DCEA dehumidifiers are often used within heat […]

Dehumidifiers for marble processing

Dehumidifiers for marble processing Gasparetto Engineering designs and manufactures highly customizable systems for industrial dehumidification. All machines are designed for particular environments, adaptable to special air conditions or special characteristics of the product. The DCEA heat-pump industrial dehumidifier is used in the marble processing business area. Marble resin reinforcement process requires adjustable air’s temperature, in […]

Paint booths HVAC dehumidifiers

Paint booths HVAC dehumidifiers The DCS serie of industrial dehumidifiers has been specially designed to work in industrial painting environments, such as paint booths and all those industrial environments where indoor air needs to be constantly recycled and treated. The system is a packaged stand alone unit for 100% outside air treatment with the following […]

Swimming pool dehumidification

Swimming pool dehumidification In indoor swimming pools dehumidification, keeping the right balance between humidity and air temperature is the critical factor. This task has high energy costs due to the evaporation of the bath’s water. The Gasparetto Engineering has developed the industrial dehumidifiers DCE serie, a technological cutting-edge solution that allows to create an effective […]

Fourth range salad dehumidification

Industrial dehumidifiers – fourth range salad dehumidification Heat pump dehumidifiers for fourth range salad drying process. The dehumidified air passes through the product, evaporating surface water. Compared to the traditional centrifugal system we ensure: • Definitely higher quality of product. Centrifuge tends to break delicate leaves • Completely dry leaves • Longer life of the […]

Analysis of energy efficiency opportunities

Analysis of energy efficiency opportunities